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Micro-Needling Pens

A range of premium Dermal Needling Pens to suit every clinic.

ParaMedical Needling Pen Cartridge

For All Purposes

Discover what dermal needling can do for your clinic with our range of premium pens for all purposes. Treat skin conditions like acne, pigmentation and rosacea, accelerate wound healing time, complement medical and aesthetic treatments and provide cosmetic tattooing for medical and/or aesthetic purposes.

  • acne & acne scars
  • deep dermal rejuvenation
  • lines & wrinkles
  • pigmentation & melasma
  • poikilodermas
  • post surgery & scars
  • product infusion
  • rosacea & telangiectasia
  • skin tightening & rejuvenation
  • sun damaged skin

Low Cost Consumables

Introduce Micro-Needling into your clinic with premium quality pens, affordable consumables and high returns.

Ergonomic Design

Avoid repetitive strain injury with our easy-to-hold, light-weight and intuitive pens, designed for the therapist's comfort.

Adjustable Needle Depth

Easily adjust the needle depth for treating different areas of the face/body and multiple treatment options.

Clinical Results

3 Acne Scars Before
4 Acne Scars After

Acne Scars Treatment
After 3 Tx

7 Large Pores Before
8 Large Pores After

Large Pores Treatment
After 2 Tx

9 Skin Rejuvenation Before
10 Skin Rejuvenation After

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
After 2 Tx

11 Acne Removal Before
12 Acne Removal After

Acne Removal Treatment
After 2 Tx

5 Stretch Marks Before
6 Stretch Marks After

Stretch Marks Treatment
After 4 Tx

5 Acne Scars Before
6 Acne Scars After

Acne Scars Treatment
After 4 Tx

Micro-Needling Pens

Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Specs

Aesthetic Needling Pen
  • Adjustable Needle Length 0.1 ~ 2.0mm
  • Device Dimensions (HxWxD): 117 x 20 x 20mm
  • Unit Weight: 142g
  • Power: 100 ~ 240 V | 50-60Hz

Technical Specs

Medical Needling Pen
  • Adjustable Needle Depth 0.1 ~ 2.0mm
  • Unit Weight: 108g
  • Device Dimensions (HxWxD): 153 x 31 x 43cm
  • Power: DC 24V | 60Hz
  • Safety Class 2 | BF B Type

Technical Specs

Medi-Touch Premium
  • Skin melanin level 1-100
  • 10.4" touch screen
  • Device Dimensions (HxWxD): 55 x 50 x 53cm
  • Unit Weight: 23kg
  • Power: 100-240Vac | 50-60Hz
  • Multi Lingual

Clinical Products. Clinical Results.

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