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Skin Clear RF

High Frequency RF device for rapid, non-invasive lesion removal with immediate WOW results.

Skin Clear RF
Skin Clear RF

No more skin lesions.

Grow your business with the unique ability to remove a wide range of skin lesions and superficial capillaries.

The Clinical Skin Clear combines Radio and High Frequency technologies to target the fluids in lesions and dry them out before your eyes. This device is unique in that it uses a vapourisation technique (no burning) and causes no damage to the surrounding skin.

As treatments are non-invasive, they can be delivered by non-medical aestheticians.

  • acne & acne scars
  • age spots
  • angiomas & vascular lesions
  • broken capillaries
  • freckles & lentigines
  • rosacea & telangiectasia
  • skin tags, fibromas & moles

Immediate WOW Results

Results are visible and immediate with a single, easy treatment.

Multiple Treatments

Offer clients 15+ treatments from a single platform.

Max 2 Mins Per Lesion

Treat lesions in 2-3s, with a max of 2 minutes and a RRP of $60-100 per treatment.

Clinical Results

1 Vascular Before
2 Vascular After

Vascular Treatment
After 1 Tx


13 Cholesterol Deposit Before
14 Cholesterol Deposit After

Cholesterol Deposit Treatment
After 2 Tx

7 Keratosis Before
8 Keratosis After

Keratosis Treatment
After 1 Tx

5 Fibroma Before
6 Fibroma After

Fibroma Treatment
After 1 Tx

9 Fibroma Before
10 Fibroma After

Fibroma Treatment
After 1 Tx

11 Fibroma Before
12 Fibroma After

Fibroma Treatment
After 1 Tx

Starter Probe Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Specs

Clinical Skin Clear
  • Dual Probe
  • Colour Coded Minor Skin Irregularities treatment protocol
  • Treats Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to VI
  • Includes Foot Pedal, 2 Probe Holders and 2 Probe Holder Inserts
  • Includes Starter Probe Kit & Supplies
Skin Clear RF

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