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Medical grade LED with all 4 colours in 1 head for faster and practical treatments of skin rejuvenation, cellular wound repair and post-treatment recovery.

Bellalux LED
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Strength. Performance. Convenience.

4-8x stronger than other systems, the BellaLux LED delivers a high-powered LED, giving your clients better results in less time.

Its strength, performance and safety lends itself to its use in specialty hospitals across Korea to assist in the recovery of burn injuries. In aesthetic clinics, this device delivers the same benefits to treat inflammatory acne, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, assist circulation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, combat ageing, treat hyperpigmentation, activate an anti-inflammatory response, assist in wound recovery and soothe rosacea symptoms.

For the therapist, this device boasts the highest levels of convenience with all 4 colours & wavelengths in the single panel head, a sturdy stand and wheels for mobility and an operator-friendly display with both presets and manual controls.

  • acne & acne scars
  • lines & wrinkles
  • poikilodermas
  • post surgery & scars
  • product infusion
  • rosacea & telangiectasia
  • skin tightening & rejuvenation
  • sun damaged skin

4-8x Stronger

3W LED power gives your clients better results in less time.

4 Colours In 1

Stop changing panel heads mid-treatment - simply select the wavelength on the display.

Multiple treatments

Deliver a host of skin rejuvenation treatments along with cellular & wound repair and post treatment recovery.

Clinical Results

1 Wrinkles Before
2 Wrinkles After

Wrinkles Treatment
After 1 Tx

3 Acne Scars Before
4 Acne Scars After

Acne Scars Treatment
After CO2 Tx, LED used to reduce pain

5 Melasma Before
6 Melasma After

Melasma Treatment
After 1 Tx

7 Burn Before
8 Burn After

Burn Scars Treatment
After CO2 Tx, LED used to reduce pain

9 Pigmentation Before
10 Pigmentation After

Pigmentation Treatment
After 6 Tx



Blue 460nm

Effective maintenance and sterilisation of acne bacteria

Amber 592nm

Increases skin rejuvenation and elasticity through collagen activation

Red 625nm

Promotes wound recovery and increases cell turnover & hair growth

NIR 850nm

Activates an Anti-Inflammatory response and increases wound recovery speed. Melanin and pigment Suppression.


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Technical Specs

  • Power: AC 100~240 V | 60Hz
  • Max Power Consumption 300W
  • Unit Dimensions (DxWxH): 500 x 340 x 1300mm
  • Wavelengths: 460, 592, 625 and 850nm
Bellalux LED

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