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2nd Gen RF device to treat complex pain and musculoskeletal pathologies for physiotherapy, urogynecology and cosmetic purposes.

Capenergy RF 4qt
CEYA CIM Handpiece

Electro-Medical Innovation

An electromagnetic RF device that increases internal tissue temperature and forces the movement of fluids in the treated area. This leads to stimulation of the target tissue, allowing it to regrow and repair itself in an optimal environment.

This carefully controled increase in temerapture, or hyperthermia, has several documented benefits, including:

  • improved microcirculation
  • acts quickly against pain sensations
  • stimulates the internal regeneration process, balancing the ionic exchanges in the area
  • reinforces and increases the efficiency of other treatments
  • concentrates and absorbs drugs into the target area
  • trauma prevention
  • bone and ligament traumas
  • inflammatory pathologies at the muscular tendon level
  • bone and tendon damage
  • post-surgical recovery
  • pain therapy
  • blood circulation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • prolapse
  • vaginal laxity
  • vaginal and vulval pain
  • urinary incontinence
  • dyspareunia
  • men with prostate disease
  • auto lymphatic drainage for face and body
  • recovery of face and body muscles
  • removes sinus condition (eye bags)
  • product infusion
  • weight loss
  • cellulite reduction

Treats Most Ailments

Treats conditions previously untreatable with physiotherapy and patients with multiple conditions simultaneously.

Hands Off Treatments

Choose manual mode for precision or auto mode for hands-off sessions that allow you to continue with your day.

Faster Results

Treat the cause and the symptom simultaneously by delivering energy through inflammation for faster recovery and results.

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Technical Specs

CIM Cap-Energy C 300
  • No. channels: 3
  • Dimensions: 562 x 211 x 420 mm
  • Weight: 20.3kg
  • Max power consumption: 600VA
  • Power: 230V~ | 50Hz
  • Frequency: 0,8 MHz +/-25% | 1,0 MHz +/-25% | 1,2 MHz +/-25%
  • Max output: 45 W +/-10% for a load of 06-j530 ohms to 1 MHz
  • Max output tension for a load of 106-j530 ohmns: 345 efficient volts
  • Delivered power control: double control by pulse width modulator and aplitude control
  • Control signal (PWM) frequency: 10Hz
Capenergy RF 1qt

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