New Doublo MFU

Experience micro-focused ultrasound and radiofrequency for maximised face and body sculpting results.

New Doublo Device 01
New Doublo Device

Safer than ever

New Doublo MFU is an innovative face & body sculpting device, combining over a decade's expertise in HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) with MFU (micro-focused ultrasound) and RF (radio frequency) to give your clients the best.

Safer than ever, the new Doublo features a world-first, patented synergy dotting system. This doubles the lifting effect by combining RF and MFU, with a failsafe to prevent overlapping shots on the same spot.

Other technological advancements focus on increasing clinic profits, including:

  • nearly double the shots per cartridge (lower shot cost)
  • higher treatment prices based on synergy of MFU and RF
  • 25% faster treatment times*
*calculated on a 300 shot treatment

Faster Treatments

Deliver up to 300 shots in just 5 minutes, 25% faster than the previous model

Patented Safety

Requires proper contact with the skin to emit energy and prevents overlapping shots.

Lower Costs

Deliver up to 22,000 lines per cartridge with competitively priced consumables.

Clinical Results

Doublo Double Before 01
Doublo Double After 01

HIFU + RF at once

Doublo Double Before 02
Doublo Double After 02

HIFU + RF at once

Doublo Double Before 03
Doublo Double After 03

HIFU + RF at once

Doublo Double Before 04
Doublo Double After 04

HIFU + RF at once

Doublo Double Before 05
Doublo Double After 05

HIFU + RF at once

Doublo Double Before 06
Doublo Double After 06

HIFU + RF at once



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Technical Specs

New Doublo MFU
  • 12.1" Wide LCD
  • 1.0 ~ 5.0mm spacing
  • Length: 5.0mm ~ 25mm [1.0 step]
  • Power: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 400 x 425 x 460mm
  • Main Body: 18kg | Cart: 25kg
New Doublo Device

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