Youth Activator


Remove toxins with a Radio Frequency current that slows the ageing process.

ceya 3000
CEYA CIM Handpiece

Cap Energy Youth Activator

CEYA's current flows through the treatment area and brings the blood from the outside to the inside of the tissues (Diathermy or Hyperthermia). On the outside, we only see it because the skin gets a bit reddish and we feel an enjoyable sense of warmth.

On the inside, this increase of blood drains the waste materials and toxins that are blocking oxygen from entering into the cell membrane. Within a few seconds, the toxins are completely removed, allowing the newly freed cells to become oxygenated.

  • auto lymphatic drainage for face and body
  • recovery of face and body muscles
  • removes sinus condition (eye bags)
  • product infusion
  • weight loss
  • cellulite reduction

Hands Off Treatments

Choose manual mode for precision or auto mode for hands-off sessions that allow you to continue with your day.

Enjoyable For The Client

Clients report an enjoyable sense of warmth from the treatment and are amazed with the immediacy of the results.

10+ Treatments

Including re-firming & lifting, reduction of eye bags, lymphatic drainage, treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and more.

Clinical Results

Glutes Lift Before
Glutes Lift After

Glutes LIft
9 Treatments

Firm & Lift Before
Firm & Lift After

Firm & Lift
# Treatments


Frequently Asked Questions

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The CEYA is a diathermy equipment that enables a Radio Frequency current to flow through the human body. This current flows between the active plate in use and the mass metal passive plate. The current penetrates the layers of fat in the body and any poorly irrigated areas of the human body, improving circulation throughout the body – in particular the areas between the plates.

The first effect of the Radio Frequency current flowing through all kinds of body tissues is a temperature increase. This cannot be compared with the warming-up “from the surface into the body” produced for instance by a warm bath or electric blanket.

Products penetrate the tissues more quickly due to the internal heat produced. Tissues absorb the Radio Frequency current’s energy and produces a selective warming-up of tissues such as bone tissue, fatty tissue, muscles and skin from inside out. The body’s cooling system is therefore activated.

With every equipment purchase, we offer free training for up to 2 staff in-person for metro cities or online for regional areas. For additional training, please contact us. We also have a RTO and training centre in Chermside, Brisbane if you wish to travel.

This device does not require TGA Approval.

All ClinicalPRO equipment come with a 12-month standard warranty which can be extended depending on your clinic needs.

Metro-Dora is a vast pool of knowledge on all things laser, skin & clinical beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed completing my LSO course with her & would recommend her & ClinicalPRO to any future laser therapists & business owners. She is not only well spoken & knowledgeable, but friendly, helpful & encouraging. Thank you ClinicalPRO
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Technical Specs

CEYA 3000
  • Weight: 26.5kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 30 cm (packing)
  • Power: 360 W
  • 3x 120W Outputs
  • 1MHz Frequency
  • Monopolar and Bipolar Modes
  • Manual and Automatic Modes
ceya 3000

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