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HIFU in medical aesthetics is an oversaturated market, with hundreds of low quality machines creating safety concerns and questionable treatment outcomes.

Join us for this introductory session to learn about the world’s safest HIFU system and how it compares to other systems on the market. This workshop hands-down one of the best investments of your time if you’re in providing the following treatments:

  • face & body sculpting
  • skin tightening & jowl lifting
  • cellulite & double chin reduction
  • deep dermal rejuvenation
  • reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

We’ll cover the fundamentals of HIFU for medical aesthetics and dive into a market comparison of the UTIMS A3 PLUS, and how this device compares on the following points:

  • no pain (as clients do not want to pay for pain)
  • see results immediately – not just after 90 days
  • safest HIFU & how this impacts your insurance
  • revolutionary lesion valuation analyser for burn prevention
  • 9 different cartridges to choose from
  • 30mm lines (compared to 25mm)
  • narrow cartridge for treating eye areas (eye bags, dark circles, etc)
  • centerless cartridge allows for even energy distribution in each line
  • automatic shots at 30 second intervals for quick treatments
  • affordable HIFU packages, with a choice of 4 or 6 cartridges
  • additional pen handpieces for advanced filling & lifting treatments (coming soon!)

Please note, this is NOT a hands-on workshop but a market comparison on the latest technological advancements of the HIFU industry.


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